Everything your church needs for small group ministry

The SmartGroups app makes it easy for new group leaders to start to lead effective small groups so you can have more groups, and more people in groups, and more people growing in groups.

Unlock discipleship potential

Let your church grow by letting your small groups grow and multiply. SmartGroups makes it easier.

Amazing Bible studies
Everything you need for your in person, virtual, or hybrid Bible Studies.
Build communities
Helps everyone remember names, connect with others, and build engaging communities.
Coach new leaders
Build the next generation of group leaders and grow by multiplication as new leaders can be more easily trained and guided.
On the same page
Groups have engaging, well-paced meetings where everyone is on the same page and no one gets lost.
Powerful prayer
Keeps track of prayer requests so people can pray during group meetings or individually later.
Share magic moments
Groups share what they have done together so they can remember and cherish their time together in a safe space.
Simple signup for all
It’s easy for your church to get started, easy for new group leaders to start groups, and easy for people to join groups safely.

See what's happening in the Pastor Dashboard

Pastors and small group ministry administrators at a glance can see what each small group is doing -- how much time they spend doing what, who's coming (or fading), what they're studying, discipleship progress, and much more.

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What SmartGroups users say

Hear firsthand how SmartGroups benefits churches and small groups.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about SmartGroups.

Who is SmartGroups for?

It's for churches that want to grow their small group ministries by growing small group leaders, small group participants, and spiritual formation.

What problems does SmartGroups solve for me?

Running an effective small group ministry is remarkably more difficult than most people acknowledge. It's hard to get new people to lead small groups. It's a lot of work for leaders to coordinate the group. It's hard for ministry leaders to know what's going on in small groups. Groups mismanage time, run late, and people don't come back. Participants get lost. Prayer requests are forgotten. People can't remember names. People have different expectations resulting in uncomfortable situations. Someone doesn't come for a few weeks and nobody asks checks up on them. And more. SmartGroups is intentional about helping group leaders, particularly new small group leaders, in leading their groups by guiding them in certain, familiar key steps so that they can focus on caring for the people and helping them grow.

What kind of groups are supported?

Bible Study, Prayer, Service, Mentoring/Discipleship, and Directory groups are all supported and more.

Is SmartGroups designed for in-person meetings or online meetings?

All of the above! The SmartGroups app keeps everyone "on the same page" in an in-person meeting (and much more than that), and it also has Zoom-like capability for online or  hybrid meetings. 

Won't this add more layers of technology for our church to manage?

We've designed SmartGroups to actually reduce layers of technology.  For example, you won't need Zoom for your online meetings -- SmartGroups completely replaces Zoom (and yet it's so much more than Zoom!).

Still have questions?

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