Small groups can supercharge a growth in people, leaders, depth, and obedience, but groups have many perils. Many churches get stuck at around 25-30% participation in groups. Indeed, only 20% of all Christian adults were involved in one of these four discipleship activities: Sunday school or fellowship group, spiritual mentor, Bible study group, reading or discussing a Christian book (Ogden 27). They find it hard to form new groups with new leaders or people wanting to be in a group have trouble finding one that works for them. There are many resources available to help: books, seminars, videos, consulting services, and more. Generally, these amazing and helpful resources mean that you need to remember and internalize what to do at the opportune time. What if there was a better way? What if you could have a guide, in addition to the Holy Spirit, to guide the group?

This guide shows how to form and run groups from a general nature but also with the aid of
the SmartGroups app. The objective is to use technology – mobile phones, tablets, laptops,
etc. – to help groups run their groups better. There are many facets to this including
helping group leaders develop a charter or covenant for their group, helping to ease the
administrative burden of group leaders organizing their groups, helping the group
remember the amazing things they have done together, and providing a mechanism for
ministry beyond the group setting to reach others.

There are many church management software tools available. These tools provide many valuable services such as tracking attendance, tracking personal information, disseminating information about what the church is doing, helping to schedule and organize things, administration of online giving, and more. Generally, they are designed for church staff members. SmartGroups is designed for church leaders, group leaders, and group members, with a particular focus on the group leader. Leading a group, especially for the first time, can be intimidating, overwhelming, and stressful: SmartGroups makes it much easier while still supporting a wide variety of groups with different goals operating in many different ways. While the SmartGroups app can guide leaders in leading their group, it is no substitute for loving God, hearing Him, and really caring about the people in the group.