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What devices does it work on?

iOS and Android phones. It also works on the web.

What iOS versions are supported?

iOS 14.3 (Dec 2020) and higher

What Android versions are supported?

Android 5, aka "Lollipop", (2015) and higher.

Do you work with Facebook?

We do not have Facebook login and have no Facebook integration in order to keep your information safe.

Is the app secure?

The app is secured by Google, Apple Sign-In, and email authentication credentials which are not managed by us. We do not support Facebook or Twitter authentication.

How does group privacy work?

What you do in one group is not seen by another group. If you’re not in a group, all you can know about it is the name of the group, who can join the group, and some basic information about meetings they have had in the past. You cannot see who is in the group or who came to events or anything like that.

Is my information tracked or provided to advertisers?

Is my information tracked or provided to advertisers?

As a pastor, I want to see what’s going on in a lot of groups quickly, can I do that?

There are several screens specifically designed for ministry leaders to get an overview of groups quickly so he can coach group leaders consistently and effectively.

My group is organized, we keep all our group member contact info in Google docs, why do I need this?

If you don’t have a person’s phone number on your phone, and you need to call them, you need to open Google Sheets on your phone, find the correct sheet, find the person’s name, probably write down the phone number, and then call the person, assuming you put their phone number in there in the first place.

How do I add my own Bible Study?

You need for a church leader to give you access to the Bible Study Builder tool and then you can write your own Bible Study that can be used by your group or other groups in your church.

What if I am leading a small group that isn't small?

The app works well for 'small' groups that are even 100 people. We have Live Q & A, breakout rooms, and more that help you lead a large 'small' group and still give you opporunities to bring people together for discussion, understanding, affirmation, and community.

Are there any location restrictions on the app?

The app works everywhere our servers have access. For example, the app doesn't work without VPN access in China due to local firewall restrictions that affect many firms including Google.

What languages do you support?

Right now, we only support English in the app, though you can use the Bible Study Builder to write your own curriculum in any language you want.

Can I do live, remote teleconferences like Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, etc.?

Yes, you can hear each other and even see each other if you want.

How is this app different from other Church Management Software (ChMS) applications?

We focus on helping church memgers grow in small groups whereas most Church Management Software (ChMS) applications are primarily focused on reducing the administrative burden of running a church. We would say that the SmartGroups app is a 'front office' tool while others are 'back office' tools.

I have some ideas about this and know some people who could use something like this. What should I do?

Let’s talk. Give us a shout. We’d love to talk to you and hear your feedback!

Are you hiring? What kind of people are you looking for?

We would really like to talk to people who can focus and achieve results in a startup.

Do you support the NIV version?

You can write your own curriculum and include the NIV version in it. We are right now working on including the NIV natively in the app. If this is important to you, please contact us.

I see you use the WEB version. Why?

The World English Bible (WEB) is a free, open Bible. We also support the King James Version (KJV) natively. You may also include any translation of your choosing in your custom curriculum.

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