The need we saw for an app for small groups ...

Everything that is amazing or fantastic in our lives–Jesus, meeting spouses, having a saving faith, meeting our best friends in life–came from small groups.  They are especially great for people who would never go to church–like we once were–and are a safe place in the dark, broken world in which we live.

We’ve been a part of and led all kinds of groups–big groups, small groups, large outreach groups serving the community, prayer groups, service groups, and more.   But it’s a lot of work to lead these groups.  Leaders get burned out checking on people and coordinating who is coming, what food people are bringing, leading the Bible Study, etc.  And everyone sees it–that’s why many are hesitant to try leading a group themselves.

We thought:  What if we could use a technology tool to help?  Something that could ease the administrative burden for leaders while keeping everyone informed and making it easy for people to be involved.  While chat tools are great, it can be really hard to keep track of more than the last few chat posts.

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... and the app that evolved: SmartGroups

We thought how awesome it would be for you to have everything for your small group in one convenient place. And we wanted to keep the same page so that nobody gets lost or embarrassed being the last one to look up a verse.  We remember how it was to be new to the Bible and have witnessed how many non-native speakers struggle when the native speakers talk at Mach 3.  So that’s why we created SmartGroups–to help the leaders, help create new leaders, and really help new people feel comfortable and begin a life changing journey.

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